Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls

If it sounds too good to be true…it is! You’ve seen the TV commercials starring Tom Selleck, Fred Thompson or Henry Winkler (the Fonze), targeting seniors with a message painting a rosy picture of reverse mortgages. What Tom Selleck and the others don’t tell you about reverse mortgages are theContinue reading

End Unconstitutional Tax Foreclosures!

Detroit Eviction Defense endorses the demands of the Coalition to End Unconstitutional Tax Foreclosure, which are: Stop unconstitutional property tax assessments. Compensate Detroit residents who have already lost their homes through illegal tax foreclosures. Suspend pending property tax foreclosures until we have confirmation that delinquent taxpayers have not been unconstitutionallyContinue reading

Remembering Kenny Brinkley

Our good friend, Kenny Brinkley, has passed away. Kenny was 86 years old. Our condolences to his wife, Sandi, and to his many friends. As a young man, Kenny learned to play the saxophone. After a time in the army, Kenny returned to Detroit and got a job playing inContinue reading

The Land Bank Is A Land Grab

The Land Bank is: Taking People’s Homes Illegally Demolishing Homes That Can Be Saved, To Drive Up Property Values Using $20,000 a house of Step Forward Money to Destroy homes – when that money should be used to keep people in them Under Federal Investigation for Corruption & Incompetence TheContinue reading

R.I.P. William Garrett

Mr. William K. Garrett died January 2, 2017 at age 71. We in Detroit Eviction Defense remember and honor him. We remember the struggle the Garrett family waged to stay in their home. This was one of our first efforts at home defense, January of 2012, and it was successful.Continue reading

Detroit’s Homeowners Deserve Better

Detroit News article here – By Bernadette Atuahene Mayor Mike Duggan last week announced that the city’s three-year effort to assess properties based on their market values was, at long last, complete. Standing with the mayor, Detroit’s assessor, Alvin Horhn, said that “for the very first time since I haveContinue reading

Land Bank Gets Raided

“The incident came amid an aggressive effort by federal authorities to get information about how the city and demolition contractors tore down thousands of dilapidated homes since 2014 with millions in federal dollars. The investigation began earlier this year after demolition prices spiked 60% under a new management structure Mayor Mike Duggan put intoContinue reading

Flagstar Bank: Stop Trying to Evict Barbara Campbell!

As Barbara Campell fights to survive one medical disaster after another — cancer, heart surgery, loss of kidney function and 3 strokes — Flagstar Bank is trying to evict her from her Detroit home. Now, after many promises that it wouldn’t do so, the bank is moving to evict Ms. Campbell,Continue reading

Keep Tonya in Her Home!

Chase Bank, Freddie Mac & HUD Are Trying to Evict Another Black Woman in Detroit HUD oversees Freddie Mac, who bought Tonya’s house for $300. Freddie Mac is who is trying to evict Tonya, but we say she is here to stay. Join us for a rally in front ofContinue reading

Hines family wins chance to buy back their home

Fannie Mae responds to pressure, backs off eviction attempt Samuel Hines, a 59-year-old Detroiter suffering from stage four cancer, was threatened with eviction from his family home of thirty-five years. Fannie Mae, the federally-run mortgage company, was planning to evict him by April 5, 2016. Samuel had lived in theContinue reading

Pat Hale-Green and daughter win back their home

When Pat Hale came to Eviction Defense,she had been trying for two years to get CitiMortgage to modify her mortgage. Ms. Hale-Green had paid off her original mortgage, but fell behind on a second mortgage after she suffered a major pay cut and divorce. Then she discovered her house hadContinue reading

Rebecca wins home she saved

British owner stops trying to evict & gives up house he’d left empty and dangerous  After we helped Rebecca put pressure on English developer Peter Kirby and his management company, Kirby gave up tryng to evict her. He is walking away from the property in Detroit that Rebecca had movedContinue reading

Stephens family regains home in 7-year battle

Kept bank from evicting 93-year-old Mom Denise and Bernard Stephens were determined to fight the unfair eviction case against her 93-year old mother and win back the family home lost to a bank’s unjust foreclosure action. Now the bank has finally sold them back their home at a price theyContinue reading

Angela Crockett gets to buy back her home

Fannie Mae stops eviction process Long-time Detroit resident Angela Crockett and her son were foreclosed on by Citibank while participating in the Home Affordable Unemployment Program (HAUP), in violation of the rules. After years of fighting eviction in the courts with DED support, Angela finally got Fannie Mae to agreeContinue reading

Lela Whitfield wins tough battle

After a grueling two-year legal battle and Eviction Defense support campaign, Lela Whitfield’s fight for her home was down to the wire — Fannie Mae asked the court for an eviction order in November 2015. But Fannie Mae’s request struck Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller as so unreasonable that she delayedContinue reading

Gail Herhold and her toddler got their home back

Thanks to pressure, Fannie Mae finally changed course In May, 2015, Fannie Mae and Green Tree Servicing were trying to throw Gail Herhold and her three-year old son out of the home she’s lived in for fifteen years. Because she had money problems back in 2012 Gail was late withContinue reading

Campaign helped Andrews Acheampong save family home

Our campaign convinced Bank of America to hold back on its threat to evict Andrews Acheampong, his wife and two children from his home of 25 years and finally grant the terms he needed to pay an inflated mortgage. Mr. Andrews Acheampong, his wife and two children were threatened withContinue reading

Marie Sims wins fight to regain home

Fannie Mae had ignored her right to rebuy home and sold it to someone else After Marie Sims couldn’t make her inflated mortgage payments, her Detroit home went into foreclosure. The federally-owned Fannie Mae mortgage company bought it at a sheriff’s sale. Marie knew she had the right to buyContinue reading

Daryl & Lula Burke saved their home!

It had been sold in tax auction for one-tenth what they put into it Daryl and Lula Burke had lost their home in 2014 tax auctions. They turned to Detroit Eviction Defense for support and won the right to buy back their home at a fair price. The Burkes areContinue reading

Lorraine Dexter fights for her home and wins

Freddie Mac was set to evict, but finally gave in to pressure, accepted her offer Viewing a powerful video by Detroit Eviction Defense might have shamed this federally-owned mortgage company into halting its senseless drive to evict this family in November 2014. By the time Lorraine Dexter realized that aContinue reading

Orozco family wins settlement

The Orozcos came to us in the fall of 2013 when they were facing possible eviction from their Southwest Detroit home during a time of economic distress. The federally-owned mortgage giant Fannie Mae had taken over, and an eviction hearing was set for December. DED and supporters from UAW LocalContinue reading

Cullors family saved their home of 23 years

In response to an emergency call for help, neighbors in Detroit’s Rosedale Park rallied early Halloween morning, October 31, 2013, to defend the Cullors family from being evicted and having all their belongings tossed into the dreaded dumpster they discovered next to their home. The crowd delayed the wrecking crewContinue reading

Eviction dismissed, Smith regains home!

 Tsehaya Smith is buying back home she saved from blight On August 7, 2014, Fannie Mae, the federally-controlled mortgage company, agreed to dismiss the eviction case against Ms. Smith and hammer out a deal to sell her back her home. Ms. Smith and her lawyer bargained hard for a reasonableContinue reading

Urealdene Henderson won home back

After Metro Property threatened, demanded huge payment Ms. Henderson had lived in her Detroit home for 36 years. She worked at Great Lakes Steel as a member of the Steelworkers union for 34 years, but after being diagnosed with cancer she was off work for three years.  She returned to workContinue reading

Paramount homeowners stop mass eviction, win back homes

After we packed courtrooms, Pension Board meetings At a packed Circuit Court hearing in December 2013, Judge John Gillis set aside the Detroit Police and Fire Pension Board’s motion for mass eviction of 57 homeowners who had been defrauded by the now-defunct Paramount Land Holdings. The Judge restored the rightContinue reading

Jennifer Britt fended off eviction, saved home!

Detroit’s Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhood offers key support Jennifer had paid $46,000 to save a Rosedale Park-Detroit home that’s worth $25,000; 100 people held dawn-to-dusk vigil for two months to prevent eviction. Detroit Eviction Defense organized house-to-house leafleting of the neighborhood, informing them of Jennifer’s problem and inviting them to call theContinue reading

Gregorio Martinez gets his home back!

During the year Chase Bank tried to evict Martinez, it learned that he could not be moved without a fight. After two marches, packed courtrooms and other popular pressure, the bank officially withdrew its eviction request. By working with HUD, Martinez finally got back his home at a reasonable priceContinue reading

Alma Counts gets her home back, foreclosure stopped!

Alma is a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income who fought being foreclosed on by Chase Bank and Freddie Mac, the federal agency that took over her mortgage. Even after the bank had pledged to modify mortgages and stop foreclosure fraud, it nullified Counts’ previous modification and doubled her payments.Continue reading